Sekai and Miyoki have generally known about each other within mutual means for some , having both released on NCS, having artist colleagues in similar circles, and the like. It’s no wonder the two ended up gravitating one another from creative point of relativity.

Out of comradery, “Vengeance” was born. The track eclipses many dnb songs that try to achieve this type of emotional fervor or condition. “Vengeance” authentically nails an attention-grabbing and spirited of sonic goodness that easily be played repeatedly. Fast gives a smooth platform for the well written verses soon to play out. Motivating and epic, the systems at work here to pull a sound like this off, is inspiring.

A quick look at the streaming channels of artist showcases growth and , both vocalist and producer growing their sphere of influence and being consistent with what they both put out.

“Vengeance” is not one to .

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