A collaboration to be has taken shape – in the form of “Vengeance,” an enlightening collaboration the likes of Sekai and Miyoki. Sekai, aka Tiago Salvador, seemingly took a liking to the niche space Miyoki found herself contributing to, a creative chemistry was abound and the course for the track began to take shape.

Graced with a gripping montage-like emotion and a dnb structure as a driving force, “Vengeance” one of a few you come across that is as sweeping as it is reassuring and all-.

Yet, that’s the frame delivered by this complete and adventurous work.

Both producer Sekai and singer Miyoki been working in a music career context for years, achieving many label signings and a whopping 1,000,000 streams collectively across music releases they’ve worked on.

Check out the single below.

Source: Daily Beat


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