February 7, 2021

Toronto Is Broken us a banger anthem on Yana Music with vocalist BVLVNCE. A genre bending challenging all of your sensibilities. If you want simple and predictable, leave this alone. If you want something that will catch you flat footed and make you think, then check this one out.

Toronto Is Broken has been on a roll lately and releasing very memorable tracks that fuse the world of heavy metal and drum and bass. ‘Gunfingers’ likely being one of those not too easy to forget. This one ‘Paragons’ will be one of those to remember for a while as well. Drum & Bass has been called the “heavy metal” of electronic music; and this track definitely earns that comparison as it honestly could be considered a straight up metal track. But, I’ll as I love a good head banger. ‘Paragons’ has all the classic marks: guitars, anthem styles, those rockin drums and vocals from BVLVNCE to really push it over the top. It’s drum and bass . But, I’d put this up against any metal band at a festival all day.

In fact, when it to Toronto is Broken, you even call it “his thing”.



Toronto is Broken




Yana Music


Source: DNB Vault


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