“The feelings you can’t find elsewhere.”

“I miss the club and so do you,” empathises Mr. Mitch in the poignant video for ‘Did We Say ’, a beautiful, melancholy love letter to the ghost of nightclubs past. Reaching out on Twitter to find out exactly what everyone was missing about the club, the producer has collected of the responses to accompany his bittersweet track.

Set against a backdrop of plaintive guitar and ghostly , in the video he showcases a selection of heartfelt responses, from: “coming up” and the related: “the cheeky smile from the person next to you at the bar as you both order tap water with ice”, to: “the feeling of abandon when the music makes u NEED to dance” and: “losing all your mates and ending up totally alone in the crowd, but feeling completely content”.

‘Did We Say Goodbye’ is from Mr. Mitch’s forthcoming album Lazy, which arrives via his own label, Gobstopper, on 5 and features guest appearances from Duval Timothy, Manga Saint Hilaire, miles and State.

‘Did We Say Goodbye’ is out now.

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Source: Fact Magazine


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