Given The Four Seasons’ doo-wop sensibilities and rock inclinations, likely would not have expected Frankie Valli’s son Brando Valli to foray into dance music—much less drum ‘n’ bass—but Dancing Astronaut is sure of one thing: ’re damn glad did. After forging a name-making campaign that culminated in five singles—the first of which (“Orisha,” July 2020) christened Valli as Snse as the remaining four gave shape to his emerging sound—Valli is further carving Snse’s niche in the electronic space with “We Need .”

The spry outing, made in step with Elijah Blake, is a burst of energy bottled in a three-minute and - runtime. The ear-hooking has a freshness to it; it doesn’ sound like anything that listeners might find on a streaming platform’s “new music Friday” playlist—and that’s just part of “We Need Love’s” novelty. Take it from us: “We Need Love” is an effervescent microcosm of why you want to be watching what’s next to out of the Snse camp.


Source: Dancing Astronaut


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