Hailing from and currently based in New York, Sepehr Alimagham has had a steady output over the past 5 years or so. Recently, he’s appeared on Steffi’s Klakson imprint an EP of highly-charged electro detonations and delivered his debut full length for Dark Entries.

Like the Bay Area reissue enthusiasts, Osàre! Editions have a taste for new wave, experimental and electro stylings. For ‘Il Monte Analogo’, the label’s second , Elena Colombi has enlisted a fresh batch of mostly lesser-known names, who, collectively, manage cover a lot of ground.

Sepehr’s contribution, the appropriately titled ‘Shadow Cinema’, falls on the darker side of things. Slowing things down to an eerie crawl, it crackles with fireside ambience as -shifting vocals imbue one with serious occult vibes. It would be remiss not to mention the otherworldly bass that underpins the , laden with dormant energy and sure to conjure a sense of unease in the listener.

‘Il Monte Analogo’ scheduled for release 3 March via Osàre! Editions. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Sepehr – Shadow Cinema
2. Ono Omen – Worms
3. Yugoslavia – Yugoslavia
4. Violetov General – Podigravka
5. Anna funk Damage – Sign this form to surrender soul
6. Balaban – Unverfügbarkeit
7. Sepehr – Narcotica
8. Panoptique – Amin
9. October – Collapse
. Jenzi – Shamefully Hurting My Party
11. Panoptique – Tell Me More
12. The Spy – Push Me

Source: Inverted Audio


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