James Ash’s release of Right In The Night was an undeniable success last year. Now with a fresh round of smoking hot new remixers onboard, deliver once again. The leading Australian label has long been recognised a slew of hits, including songs by notable names that include Avicii, Madison Avenue, Dirty South, Peking Duk, Pendulum and also The Potbelleez, with an even deeper history collaborating with artists that include Carl Cox and a host of international talent. 

Producer James Ash with another Chart Topping hit, reworking a seminal tune ‘Right In The Night’

connecting with the independent label many years ago, James Ash went on to international acclaim as an original member of multi-platinum group Rogue Traders. Here, James takes on the original Jam and Spoon classic Right In The Night, with a refreshing retake that comes complete with slinky four-to-the- beats, subtle melodies, and a moody, female vocal which rapidly increases its energy, legendary piano lines and a hook that everyone instantly loves.

“This release brings an all-time favourite, bang up-to-date and provides a selection of mixes any audience will love, any time of the day (or night)!” – Dance Radio

Landing with Fugel, TJIG (The Journey & John Course) and Starry Night remixes this package is ready to fly once again. The global DJ community instantly aligned with the first round of mixes including the James Ash ‘Original’ and now the feedback has come firing back in once again for this well timed package. The diversity of mixes on offer really serve to extend the shelf life of the track and defiantly continue it’s long term influence upon clubland.

Jam & Spoon were a German electronic music duo formed in 1991 in Frankfurt. The group consisted of composers and producers Rolf Ellmer (Jam El Mar a classically trained composer) and Markus Löffel (Mark Spoon, DJ). They also under the pseudonyms Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, and Big Room which all placed well on international charts and compilations.

News of this release has fluidly washed across radio and media, and the full release of James Ash ‘Right In The Night (Remixes)’ will lift worldwide lockdown energy and fire up the airwaves without question.

Buy / Download / Listen http://vicious.lnk.to/RITNREMIXES

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