Berlin-based producer and audio engineer Nissim prepares to release ‘Uneven Ground‘ via his eponymous label, his debut album, and an introspective reflection on his journey through music.

Built from a minimal hardware set up with nearly no post-processing beyond detailed mastering, the tracks contained within ‘Uneven Ground‘ can be considered direct transcripts of the producer’s mind, faithful representations of his interactions with his instruments which surge with energy and deep grooves.

Across the album, frequently translates into tough techno-adjacent gear for a shifting floor, but many tracks are built on a foundation of thriving basslines and persistent percussion, there’s far more flavours involved than straightforward tools for dingy clubs.

Confess‘, however, sit to the more dancefloor-orientated sounds on offer here, leaping into the fray from the first bars with darting resonant notes. Once the percussion joins the melody the track is locked in for the full 7- gallop. Strands of sampled Middle-Eastern music are almost all that is added, joining in to provide an extra influx of energy to the crescendos which seem to lurk ready and waiting right around the corner. Emotive which demands movement and supplies plenty of energy for this purpose.

‘Uneven Ground’ is scheduled for release 19 February via Nissim. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. The Pain
2. After Tears
3. Confess
4. A Poem For Chaos
5. One Take Falls, Loop (Skit)
6. Forgiveness
7. Uneven Ground
8. Under It All
9. Don’t Forget The Raves
10. Luxus (Bonus)

Source: Inverted Audio


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