Canadian producer Kaytranada has shared “”, his first new material the release of his 2019 Grammy nom’d album ‘BUBBA.


The track lands as part of Tik Toks Black History month initiative that looks to celebrate the past, present and future of black artists and creators and why Big K up to the plate.

On the first listen to “Caution” and you know exactly this came from deep in the mind of the Canadian beat-master with snappy hats, snares and all stitched together over a muted and funky vocal.

While short, it is punchy and would sit perfectly in a DJ set, much like a cold cup of water on a busy and sweaty dancefloor!

If down for just a little more K, some unreleased bits surfaced online as part of collaborators Planet Giza and their new radio/mix ! Until then, dive into this classic Boiler Room set from the big man.

Source: Stoney Roads | Latest News in Electronic and Dance Music

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