There’s no sitting on the for SG Lewistimes rollout, which—now in its post-drop phase—has proven so robust as to warrant its classification as “The Big Dance” of its own kind. As the times ball continues to turn, much of listeners’ anticipation to return to the dance floor indubitably owed to and his debut LP. And, with fire in his chest, he’s spiking it further. Cue the official for “One More.”

The last single to predate times, the Nile Rodgers-assisted “One More” was a highlight of times – The Live Experience on February 19, and Lewis’ gracious call, the live performance of the inclusion landed on YouTube. “One More,” the very first that Lewis conceived for times in Los Angeles, is now expanding its visual footprint with an Aidan Cullen-directed accompaniment that follows the split-screen proceedings of an evening out, experienced by Lewis himself and his costar, Bar Maldonado. The mannequins that accent the club setting can be read as a clever representation of the many nondescript strangers with whom one might brush shoulders during a jaunt out, giving depth to a visual that hooks eyes from the very first second.

Featured image: Charles Yamabe

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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