Artdob sets an example of what to do as an artist on the way up. The music speaks for itself as this solo musician hits a high note on many parameters. “Fading” starts off as as it ends, a collage of instrumental and electronic elements gripping the personable vocal that’s placed front and center. The hook is strong and an easy to highlight element, a sophisticated deep house beat bleeds through soon thereafter.

Artdob has been producing and crafting his many skills as a musician for . But it seems, it was the chance meeting and collaboration with fellow artist Broz Rdz and thus the creation of “GAMF,” that formed a -through point. , Artdob has well over 1,000,000 plays collectively garnered through streaming platforms.

Mexico doesn’t slow when it comes to having a rising dance music presence, with new artists and festival’s bubbling up in hot spots like Mexico City and Tijuana, Artdob finds ways to stand out via radio-esque dance-pop elements that are fully infectious. One can expect to hear more Artdob this year.

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