This is one dance-themed work where if the lyrics don’t grab you, the enchanting certainly will. Romantic piano glides into a highly melodic and moving verse, via Artdob’s “Fading.” The smooth and house track – all playing out in what feels like an experience that goes by too fast – channeling a transformative experience that’s both uplifting and sensational with moods delivered simply not to be missed.


Showcasing on sights like and sounds that be picked out of a line up, the years of experience Art Huidobro – aka Artdob – from Mexico city – has build under him makes it easy as pie for him to contribute jams to the scene of this caliber.

A man of many hats, rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and composer, all comes out in “Fading.” From the message, to the vibe, and beyond, Artdob hit’s a grand slam when it comes to favorably appealing through more than the sonic side of a song.

: Daily Beat

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