Eche Palante is clearly far from his first track, the precision with direction as well as consistency toward an eclectic making up some the highlightable, definable marks of this /producer. craft in the brings out an atmosphere of progressive house aesthetics, these traits playing role in the single becoming a winner with the first listen. “Midnight,” is an easy save and carries that spark where a track grows on you and you know quite why.

A fitting bridge to a set, a slightly ambitious vibe, and vocals that impress more and more as each moment – “Midnight,” is enchanting in all the right ways.

Released on Tipsy Records, a label responsible for 65 million streams on Spotify alone via their catalog of releases. Few touch the reach and expertise here, the label virtually following the path more or less of a grass-roots ‘bedroom label’ organization and marching forward to this day.

Hear the single in full below.

Source: Daily Beat


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