Blanke is a man of many talents. From skull-cracking dubstep hits such as “Control” to breathtaking melodic hits like “Flatline,” the electronic music and plant aficionado has positioned himself at all ends of the dance spectrum. Now, returning to ‘n’ bass for the first since “Alchemy,” Blanke has released a tantalizing new single titled “Mystery.”

“Mystery” opens an entrancing melody topped by enchanting female vocals. At the breaks, Blanke draws inspiration from both his heavy and melodic production, intertwining bright, smooth drum ‘n’ bass synths with a , grittier, dubstep-influenced bass. The first drop gives way to another beautiful lyrical break as the energy-infused drum ‘n; bass drums continue. Reminiscent of earlier drum ‘n’ bass trends while meeting the standard for modern music production, Blanke’s “Mystery” is a nostalgia-inducing masterpiece.

Featured image: Curdin

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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