Advertised as “a deep dig” into “record collections,” per The Chemical Brothers‘ own phrasing, Chemical as Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons’ latest endeavor under their banner. The programming initiative, exclusive to Sonos Radio HD, formally activated on March 5 a Chemical -supplied “Dub Mix.” The British twofer said of the thematic effort,

“The ‘Dub Mix’ channels our love of dub music— the foundation is drum and bass and the lead instrument is the mixing desk, where a delay feeding back on itself can be as as a lyric. A lot of this music pushes the boundaries of can be done with a multi track and an application of echo ,eq, and phase. It’s a constant inspiration to us of what is possible in the studio and the myriad of ways you can find to interpret a song.”

The “Dub Mix” is the first of many Radio Chemical-commissioned mixes to touch Sonos Radio HD. As listeners await further details on the ensuing talent to be welcomed on Radio Chemical, they can find the “Dub Mix” below and in the Sonos app.

Featured image: Giles Smith

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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