Alton San Giovanni aka Alton Allen releases his next work, trippy and vibey “Somebody I Like.” Overflowing with blissful moments music fans can , acid-effect visualized and scenic destination the video puts up for display enhances the euphoric permeating here. Sonically, the melodies and acoustic background plays into the theme of entering new dimensions-of-sorts.

Alton Allen the single in conjunction with the announcement of upcoming Popgang Records-signed album, Bad Magick.

Un-flashy and refreshingly simplistic, the video proves that personability and a ‘less-is-more’ mindset can, in-fact, hold merit of a solid caliber, sacrificing on quality. The LA-based artist certainly took advantage of his surroundings, both the video and brand encompassing familiar territories some locals may recognize.

Check out the premiere of the video below.


Source: Daily Beat


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