Keanu Raves is part of Club Unique, a radio show and label based in , New Zealand. Over the past couple of years, the crew have released a handful of EP’s and, most recently, a highlighting artists from Ōtautahi (the indigenous name for the city).

On ‘ @ My Drum Machine’, the producer’s most diverse to date, we’re treated to four club-ready cuts, many soaked in rave nostalgia. From the full-throttle energy of ‘Spring Breaka’ to the 303-flecked title track, this release has the dancefloor clearly in its sights.

Our pick is ‘Clubman Stage Route 5’. Of the 4 tracks on the EP, this one’s the most restrained, building slowly than lapsing immediately complete hedonism. This gives it a jam-like feel, different elements layered and manipulated as the track progresses. This is not to discount its effectiveness, with searing melodic lines and rumbling more than likely to incite pandemonium on the dancefloor.

‘Don’t @ My Drum Machine’ is scheduled for release 26 March via Club Unique. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Don’t @ My Drum Machine
2. Cosmic Jam
3. Spring Breaka
4. Clubman Stage Route 5

Source: Inverted Audio


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