Or:la’s Céad imprint send off their sixth dispatch following releases from Impurity, Lewski and their rave-ready V/A, ‘MMXX Leap’. , there are some definite similarities the artist’s curation and sets, eclecticism and dancefloor potency being common themes.

On this , Céad welcome a producer who will be an unfamiliar name to many. However, even with only a couple of releases to his name, Kamus is starting to garner a reputation. On this release, he explores the loosely defined UK sound through two original productions, with Nikki Nair providing a deadly high-velocity remix.

Our pick is ‘Wallace’, which employs crafty sampling as well as the percussive urgency has become one of the young producer’s sonic signatures. There’s low-end pressure in abundance here and the contrast between this and the higher frequencies in the Glaswegian’s drum programming is uniquely .

‘Kult’ is scheduled for release 9 April via Céad. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

1. Kult
2. Wallace
3. Wallace (Nikki Nair Remix)

Source: Inverted Audio


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