Founder of Auxy Collective, Arimyth his first release of 2021, ‘Internet of ’, a futuristic synthwave hybrid made entirely on a mobile using iOS music software.  An ethereal atmosphere and mean, hard-hitting beat this track a from other laid pack synthwave tracks out there.  As the track takes a highly euphoric turn with a monstrous wall of synth and beat that continues to rock, ‘Internet of Things’ packs that ‘Mmm’ factor.

Arimyth ‘Internet of Things’

Arimyth on ‘Internet Of Things’: “ of my favorite pieces I’ve worked on thus far. Rarely does inspiration for a song come and stay so consistently with you in the production process, but I was fortunate this time to have that kind of inspiration present until the last note was and export was made. Enjoy “Internet Of Things”, a futuristic blend of a driving and atmospheric synth soundscape combined with elements of classic and ambient retrowave.”

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The synthbird, Arimyth’s ‘Internet Of Things’ follows his collaboration with California’s, Mr Serpent, ‘Coronado’. If you have ever been to Coronado in Diego, you can feel how this lo-fi tune perfectly captures the chill oceanside vibe. 

A common theme across all Arimyth’s releases is to be able to transport the listener to a place.  Hopefully you will be able to fondly recall a place and time tuning into Arimyth’s discography. 

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