It’s not a musician can say that Paris will be collaborating them a music video, yet that’s exactly what Electric Polar Bears has earned the bragging rights for. Featuring the well-known actress, singer, DJ, (and more,) Hilton fits right into the theme and the chilled-out nature put on display here.

The video shares a pool-side hangout session, where the rich and famous have come to hang. a few moments and quick zoom in to a dimension, a party-of-sorts breaks out with particles and a dance-party raging. All in good fun and bearing a particularly nature, the video has much to offer.

This is far from Electric Polar Bears first snag at success, a quick look at their socials and streaming showcases a duo that knows what they’re doing on multiple fronts. From their sounds, style, brand, and more, Electric Polar Bears is to watch out for.

Source: Daily Beat


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