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“DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT,” and “TEST DRIVE,” personal highlights that won over this writer and many , now there is more to love with, FORGET TO FEEL EP, and the extra music that came out with it. The starting single, “FORGET TO FEEL,” gets the end-listener used to the expectations that come with the . Dotted, syncopated synth-notes covers the entire EP as the chill-nature of the 7-track can put you in an eased . The two works and the rest of the EP, for that matter, the motions forward with the essences showcased on previous singles. “OBSESSION,” is a bit more mysterious-leaning, while “SILENCE,” has a sort of personal ‘ending’ feel to it.

FORGET TO FEEL’ is my first EP, the first body of work that I ever put out. I’ve been in the process of writing it for more a year now, it’s inspired by my whole journey as a human being as well as the world of constant change that we live in. I see it as a collection of memories, of moments that I felt like I needed to share with the world. Hopefully listeners will relate to it and perhaps it can even become the soundtrack for a of your life.

Born into Gen Z, male, musically skilled, but not too much known about him beyond that, maintains a large amount of mystery about who he is, leaving the only category left to focus on when checking him out – the music.

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