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Knuckles is a legend among the phenomenon of dance music, house music especially. With house having roots in the UK and Europe, much of the genre’s story in the USA can be contributed to this pioneer and his dedication to the genre in the city of Chicago. The ripple effect the movement he started states-based decades earlier permeates cross-culturally and world-wide today – from just this man’s efforts alone.

In March 2021, black a.m. pays homage to the late with a captivating single that nails the tribute theme embraced here with sophistication and original quality. Within “.S.O.F.H. (The Story of Frankie’s House),” a squeaky clean house platforms an unique audio sample from a interview. Of course, this isn’t the first time audio samples dialog from /documentaries/interviews have been blended into dance songs. With that said, “T.S.O.F.H.,” warms the soul and easily stands out given the unique cultural implementation built into it.

At the core, black a.m.’s new single highlights an interview Knuckles did where he shares his viewpoint about how house received it’s name and dabbles in an origin story related to the genre. The mix of the inviting cadence of Frankie Knuckles’ voice layered with a complete 128 beat, that he had a role of platforming, stirs emotions in the heart hard to explain.

black a.m. continues to hit -points in his prosperous , “T.S.O.F.H. (The Story of Frankie’s House),” being the next .

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