March 29, 2021

Boomslang Recordings has been lighting up the drum & bass world since their debut last year with Saxxon’s “Visions” . Since then they’re released monster tunes by NC-17 and Heist, among others. Their latest release features two big tunes by the stateside group Noize Komplaint who’s recently been self described as “Your favorite DNB boy band” and showcases UK legend MC Foxy. Let’s dive into this one that’s received high praise from Dillinja himself.


Everybody Jump is a high energy dancefloor tune from the jump with powered synths and drums creeping up into the explosion of from Noize Komplaints signature low end filthy bass. Like a wrecking ball the tune is swung into pure hysteria filled with synth sounds and gut wrenching bass keeping the energy a maximum. This one is a floor killer and pure hype!


First Rule offers classic jungle vibes through and through with sirens wailing and deep synth vibes. Slowly building up to MC Foxy’s intro verse that leads to the drop where the guns start blazing and you get the full jungle vibe. MC Foxy drops back in with a heavy hitting and dirty verse that takes you into the drop and back to the jungle madness. Big tune this one and some nice old school vibes.

Boomslang Recordings has not taken their foot off the pedal since they launched in 2019. Now marking their 6th catalog release along with 2 singles by Todd Buchler & Pish Posh this US based label has set their sites on Jaybee as their next release in April along with a Various Artists EP called “Slither EP” featuring Dropset, ESKR, Todd Buchler & Pish Posh, and New Zealand up and Kaoz. Most recently the label has signed hit neuro Transforma along with Binary and MV. This label needs to be on your radar if it’s not already.

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Source: DNB Vault


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