Outlines’ is a snapshot of a new generation of producers mixing jazz, broken beat and house exciting new ways. In words of Cognitiva and ANMA label bosses Angelo and Piero, the hybrid compilation, “looks to not only the future, but also considers the ”.

The project is split into two parts. The first, focuses more on the jazz side of , while in part two, more electronic influences seep in. Here, there are standout tracks from Footshooter featuring the vocal talents of 30/70’s Allysha Joy, Rhythm Section alumnus, Contours, and Roy Vision.

Our is Roy ’s ‘4411’, a house track that also draws on techno, jazz and UKG influences. The result is scintillating, a swinging groove replete with a spellbinding trumpet and keys breakdown in the middle.

‘Outlines’ is scheduled release 2 via Cognitiva and ANMA. Order a from Bandcamp.


1. Future Jazz Ensemble & XL Regular – Astral Sorcery
2. Quiroga & 291out – Fantasia Melange
3. Slowaxx – Le Tapis Bleu
4. Domenico Sanna & Gio Iacovelli feat. Shalka Mani – Evidente (SofaTalk Rework)
5. Veezo & F2F Project – Anthropocene
6. Aura Safari – Velvet Horizon
7. Karmasound & FootNote – Peace of Mind (feat. Mabreeze & Connell)
8. Footshooter – Hibiscus (feat. Allysha Joy)
9. Contours & Werkha – Sweat
. Roy Vision – 4411 (feat. Yughz)

: Inverted Audio


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