Working alongside the talented wilo wilde, Jalapeno has began sharing slivers of his anticipated upcoming Bite This! EP. Totaling 4 , the EP is called Lunatic. The debut single off this EP is, “Losing Myself,” and be heard below.

Yvng Jalapeno tends have a sweet and sour side. Meaning he’s fully capable of laying down the bangers like in his “Geekin,” single, but isn’t afraid to show off an emotional/melodic side, like in “I Don’t Need You.” Some artists may find difficultly in attempting to balance this vast range of sounds all under one alias, but this artist does so with grace and without falling out of line of a reasonable sonic relevance.

Yvng Jalapeno has hit many highs within the over half of decade he has been seriously. Developing his sound and sticking to his guns in terms of sound development/direction, the result of his actions has led to success that of rising artists would desire a small piece of.

Gaining via being supported by many top-tier DJs including Jauz, JOYRYDE, Tisoki, Just A , and many more, all while his past events calendar shows a healthy blend of direct support and headlined shows, Yvng Jalapeno is far from a passing fad. Check out this heavy-embracing artist below as he continues to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Source: Daily Beat


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