Kantor symbolizes an independent nature that other could take note of. Single, “Blasted,” up a club-esque, technocratic world, all conveyed through metal-drum kits, classic house inspired sound bits, and so many more actionable moments. A head-bobbing, in-your-face feel accentuates the near all-instrumental design of the track For the drop, a sensible but all-consuming bass directive puts a tighter spin on all the elements put out moments before.

Kantor is far from his first release, the of craftsmanship coming to form from a decade of touring, networking, and of course efforts in the studio. The Philly-based has multiple alias under his belt and millions of plays to his name, Kantor represents his a main and recent endeavor to channel his creative juices. The project shows a ripe success rate time and time again.

Source: Daily Beat


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