Listen to Derek Muro‘s debut album ‘cues‘ without any context and you can tell this is a craft by someone who has a rich musical history. From inauspicious beginnings as a church organist Long Island, through the Manhattan School of Music and right up to the studio of Hans Zimmer, Muro’s life has been immersed in creativity.

cues‘ oozes texture, and are not talking “many layers of gaseous fog” that the word “texture” is often ill-applied to. It is music that is visual, treating field recordings, acoustic instrumentation and the voice physical materials, weaving ribbons of audio through contrasting patchworks.

yourself a quiet moment for reflection to enjoy our premiere of the track ‘rill 1‘, evoking feelings of a somnolent and hazy summer afternoon gazing over a slo-mo landscape. As it is ‘cues‘ is an album, but it is also well worth keeping an eye out for May’s remix package courtesy of Machine Woman in May.

‘cues’ is scheduled for release 9 April via Toucan Sounds. Order a copy from Bandcamp.  


1. ramble1​
2. rill1​
3. rill​2
4. rove feat. Press
5. ramble2​
6. root

Source: Inverted Audio


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