Satoshi Fumi makes his long-awaited debut on Sudbeat with the ‘Lotus EP’. Grab it here.

Satoshi Fumi his sound as ‘Deep Tech House’ but his fans would agree so much more than that. Signed an incredible spread of imprints; from seminal US House label, King Sounds to John Digweeds’ all conquering Bedrock by way of Darren Emerson’s Detone, his sound is kaleidoscopic.

‘Lotus’ opens his account in fine form. A funky bongo grove, haunting pads and hooky raise the temperature to the first break which colour and depth. Growing throughout the midsection the final break acts as a perfect stopgap: a delicate piano line adding emotive feels as you catch breath before powering on the dawn’s first rays.

‘Acid Strings’ takes a darker, more old skool path. On sonics start the robotic stomp before acidic undertones against the main motifs creating a huge e-moment for the peak hours. , ‘Mirage’ is a low-slung piano jam which bags of soul. Huge 808 kicks fill the speakers as piano lines and synth plucks dance with abandon in the upper . A joyous rapture of a tune. ”

Source: Techno Station


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