off success of her two singles, “Motion and “Invade My Space,” Tara Jam is back with yet another gem, sharing soothing single “Daily Dose.” The talented singer, songwriter and director has massive success with her releases and music videos already, having amassed over 650k views on YouTube and 500K+ on Spotify, on top of receiving wide radio support from over 30 radio stations globally.

“Daily Dose” comes right after Tara Jam’s nomination for a “Best Canadian Independent Music Video” award, and might be one of her best singles to date. Driven by smooth piano chords and string melodies, it is an acoustic ballad that pulls your heartstrings with its interesting sonics and honest lyricism. It is the perfect showcase of Tara Jam’s versatility as an artist, thus we ’t wait to more from her in the future.

“Daily Dose is a that came to me at 4am one morning when I was soothing my sleeplessness with my normal cure of playing piano,” Tara Jam about the song. “I was thinking about the universal pain we all experience as humans and the different ways we self-medicate. Life is incredibly beautiful but it also holds damage, inconsistency, and confusion.”

Source: Daily Beat


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