and raised in Buenos Aires, Mariano is of the fast rising producers in . Influenced by the cream of progressive house, his style has become a feature on high profile labels such as Balance Music, Plattenbank and Asymmetric Recordings.

‘Toro’ opens with a confident tribal groove. Building in energy, melodics and airy pads hang from the percussive framework delicately giving the track a sense of space and wide-screen cinematics. The lead line is abrasive and adds buckets of tension to the main drop. Like a bull in a china shop!

‘Kon Kon’ is a more reserved beast. Opening with a percussive energy, echoes of melodics punctuate before the main synth fades into earshot. Meditative and calming, its hypnotic vibe satisfies and recalibrates the mind.

Grab your here.

Source: Techno Station


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