Jayda G lights the on her upcoming DJ-Kicks mixtape the release of “All I ,” serenading original work straight from the highly anticipated May 14 release.

“All I Need” offers a light and fresh take to Jayda’s patented modern deep house bounce. The Grammy-nominated producer’s now matured studio finesse is on full display here, as she uses her percussive and melodic undertones as a platform the tune’s soulful and guiding vocal track. As a pleasant surprise, the release comes paired with a time of a music video, dispersing equally soulful archival footage of the 1990s Canadian rave scene of Jayda getting her swerve on out in .

“All I Need,” as well as Jayda G’s forthcoming DJ-Kicks release are both due for release on !K7 Music, with the video for the new single available below. To find a full tracklist or pre-orders for the upcoming mixtape, visit Jayda G’s Bandcamp.

Featured image: Lukas Korschan and Elizabeth Herring

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