With of inspiration to exude out , the Naples bred artist has a highly infectious energy that simply cannot be missed. Blending in multiple inspirations into his work “Any Better,” gives a untouchable totality experience to who Not A is and what he’s all about.

Aspirational dreams which play out into his project today, “Any Better” fuses the best parts of elating dance pop with shining toplines that are simply not to be forgotten.

Production, singing, songwriting, composing, all coming in to play to make his stick, Not A Fox has all the right signs that his growth is going to be fast and underrated.

Now in his early 20s, Not A Fox has a caught the eye of ESSIA, TAOG, Marvin Divine, Max Landry, Akacia, LEVR, Argentil, and many more as his talent continues to be more and more recognized.

Check out the song below and don’t sleep the energy that Not A Fox is putting out there.

Source: Daily Beat


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