26 year old JWILLI has fostered a unique sound that combines his life experience and inspirations all into one sonic spot. The well-woven elements come out in full swing via his last work “Recover.” The sound can be labeled as a melodic bass track, in-between something like Illenium and MitiS. Punky high-pitched melodies align with a powerful bass sound to script something and fun. Leaning into a 150 bpm implementation, the story within impacts just as much as the beat itself. The pandemic has impacted people around the world in a variety of ways. JWILLI seemingly fostered song during dark points of the CO-VID crisis, making it a point to release something as uplifting as it is empowering.


Sweet vocals weave through technical aspects of the percussion and synth in “Recover.” Powerful, meaningful, and down the lane of he’s other uploaded tracks, work kicks off vivid imagery in the puts the heart in a soft spot; similar to what a sentimental montage video would do.

JWILLI, known as John Williams, is currently in Chicago and is 26 years old. Starting the alias in 2017 and developing to release seriously in August of 2020, the solo electronic artist has scored moments like opening up for Two Friends, R3HAB, and others all the way to charting in the top 100 of Hypeddit on both the ‘Chill’ charts and the ‘ and Bass’ charts. is surely the warm-up part of his career, all considered one guy to watch out for in the future.

Source: Daily Beat

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