Piano house enthuasiasts ought to pay special attention to Panteros666‘s latest single, for as genre continues to exert its white-knuckle grip on electronic music’s more commercial circles, the Parisian producer is bursting the gates of the piano house release ring with an energy-emanating in hand. That would be “Catch Me IRL,” Panteros666’s sophomore single of the 2021 calendar year and a particularly buoyant answer to his April twofer, Time to Come with Us.

The enigmatic conceptualist, whose creative ethos centers around his conviction that people should capitalize on technology to through multidimensional art forms, the single’s topline from fellow artist Claude Violante. When combined, Violante’s quite colorfully fills in the space of Panteros666’s piano house framework, that “Catch Me IRL” can be expected to effortlessly cozy up on listeners’ playlists.

Stream “Catch Me IRL,” which precedes more new Panteros666 to come this year, below.

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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