Australian Super Disco Club steps up with their debut single ‘We Are One’. Already shaking up clubland, this anthem flavoured tune has a that’ll embed itself within your mind…. time to turn on, tune in and freak out!

Dropping some super charged Disco this breakthrough act are fast taking place at the top end of the global club charts. Landing with their latest cut Super Disco Club ‘We Are One’ it’s time to turn up the volume and find out a little more this dynamic duo from Melbourne, Australia. Commonly known as SDC, the brand is the hot new project of DJ Producer Andy Van and Singer/ Songwriter Cassie Van. Under this moniker, the pairing been delivering a run of hits, supported by tastemakers and DJ’s in the know. 


Super Disco Club present a production prowess that’s been meticulously honed over many years. Not only fanatical quality, but professionals that actually like to let loose and dance. The act provides a creative outlet for the duo, merged with the unadulterated enjoyment electronic music offers. Already firing up tearing it up across clubland this single is ready to blow.

Super Disco Club ‘We Are One’ (Original / Sgt Slick’s Melbourne Recut, Birdee Remix)

RELEASE DATE 2021-04-22 | LABEL Vicious Recordings | CATALOG VG12450II

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