Toma Hawk presents the latest techno hits and exclusive guests from all over the world, packed an hour-long exciting musical journey named Lakota Radio.

Lorely Mur is the next in line for the upcoming episode scheduled for Thursday, May 6nd, 7PM CEST.

Lorely Mur from Juarez, Mexico, home of the iconic Hardpop Club. She is the newest resident of the long-standing Mexican . In just a short period of time, she has gathered support and made a name for herself with due reason. But, she is not new to the decks, she has been playing for years. Her techno-infused sets are creating quite a buzz. Now she has been taking her sounds on the road with a newly found frequency and is quickly becoming a face to watch out for.

Showing off her exceptional kills, Lorely strips the track to its bare bones mid-way through, teasing a drop and generating an intense atmosphere throughout before really kicking things up a notch introducing a bassline that goes straight to your . Lorely is a of Lakota Raw family, and you can check her releases here.

The upcoming set will be just the thing techno doctors order, and we can assure you, this duo definitely knows how to the going. Lakota Radio #57 airs on May 6th so don’t forget to tune in on the official page.

To listen to the previous episodes hit the play button below and find out more HERE. Enjoy!

Check the previous show below!

Source: Only Techno


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