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Sydney/Gadigal CDB is making leaps ahead in its offerings with the latest, a light and sound in one of the last monorail stations in the city.

The monorail was a single tracked train of sorts that coasted around a 3.6km loop the city streets of Sydney with major stops at the Powerhouse Museum and the Aquarium in Darling Harbour. It opened in July 1988 and was finally decommissioned in 2013 and by gum, it put Sydney on the map.

Dubbed ‘osmosis’ the project looks to explore ‘the relationship between colour, sound, space and emotion.’, According to Concrete Playground, each 30-minute loop will ”feature an ambient soundtrack of field recordings, sound samples and taken from recognisable songs from the past two decades”. It comes together by collaboration between Mara Schwerdtfeger on sound, George Webeck on light and with the creative direction of Marco Rinaldi.

The event is free (and a registered Covid safe event) which is amazing but you might be duking it out with crowds so best pick times outside of the usual thoroughfare.  night was Thursday, May 20th from 6 pm until 10 pm and will be open until the 23rd.

For those that can’t make it for week one, there will be a second week running from the 26th to the 30th, again, 6 pm until 10 pm. Those wanting to hear a little more about the can head along on the 26th for an artist talk at 7 pm.

Those looking for the spot need to head to Number One Dixon Shopping Centre, Haymarket. Level 5. Up the escalators from Dixon St. Alternatively, jump onto the Facebook event page for more details or follow osmosis on their Instagram for a plethora of visual and sound delights. 

Night: May 20: 6-10pm⁣
Artist Talk: May 26: 7pm ⁣

Week 1: May 21-23 – 6-9pm Daily⁣
Week 2: May 26-30 – 6-9pm Daily⁣

This is yet another step forward for Sydney/Gadigal nightlife joining the new YCK Laneways precinct around the corner as well as plans for Kings CrossCockatoo Island and George Street. If that wasn’t enough there is also the of a multi-level bar and restaurant venue in July, and another where popular nightspot Fredas used to be in June.

Source: Stoney Roads | Latest News in Electronic and Dance Music

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