This weekend Synthony, returns to Brisbane for a ‘One Night Only’ epic outdoor show at Riverstage. The ultimate celebration of the last 30 years of dance music, Synthony is a unique collaboration between Orchestra, DJs, live vocalists and feature musicians.  

After a hugely successful 2019 show at Brisbane City Hall, the super-charged and energetic Synthony will return to showcase a brand-new set list featuring the biggest dance anthems from icons such as Avicii, Eric Prydz, Fatboy Slim and  to name just a few, backed with the full might of a 60+ piece Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra


The show is stacked with iconic stars from across the Australian music spectrum and will include artists such as Miss Connie (Sneaky Sound System), Ilan Kidron (The Potbelleez), Mobin Master, Greg Gould, Ella Monnery, Andy Van (Madison Avenue/Vicious Records) and Mark Dynamix. We caught up with the show’s host and Master of Ceremonies, for a quick interview prior to the show.

Synthony’s Host and Master of Ceremonies,

Tell us a bit about yourself as a DJ/Producer?

I started in a band on drums, then to other instruments. I got my fix producing club music and beats and I’m into disco, funk, house and anything that makes me dance. I love house and dance classics of course.

Describe Synthony. What type of show is it?

Synthony is an experience of 30 years of dance music accompanied by a 60pce orchestra (Brisbane Philharmonic), an intense visual show and the amazing vocal talents of artists like Miss Connie (Sneaky Sound System), Ilan Kidron (Potbelleez), Emily Williams, Greg Gould and more. Conducted by Sarah-Grace Williams, it’s more than just a concert, it’s an experience of emotion and a celebration of dance music in a completely different form.

What is your role in the show and how did you get involved?

I am the host and master of ceremonies for the evening, introducing the performers, the orchestra, conductors and generally hyping the audience! Erika Amore, the master-mind of the show, contacted me in 2018 to be the host for the first show in Australia, which was actually in Brisbane in 2019.

Synthony features of the biggest global dance tracks of all time, performed by a full 60-pce orchestra. What’s your favourite tune in the performance?

I have a couple of favourites, Robert Miles – and Show Me Love, because the strings, orchestral score and tracks both send shivers down the spine!

Tell us about your co-stars? What’s it like working with them?

All the accompanying are great to work with, as we all equally feel this is truly a privilege and honour to be part of such an experience with an accompanying professional orchestra.

How do you fit touring in around your day job as a Radiologist?

I manage to juggle it reasonably well, I work the gigs around annual leave, long service etc. Planning is the key!

Tell us about Rubber People and your Safari music label?

Rubber People is a new duo, myself with Kane Rayner. 2 years ago, he cold called me to learn production and work on music. So I gave him a chance and now we have found a disco-house sound which is charting on Beatport and Traxsource on every release. We release each week and many come out on my label Safari Music.

You have a super professional day job and serious side hustles! Which one do you like best and what drives you to fit so much in?

Fitting in way too much is a part of my day and efficiency with organisation is key. I’m always doing something and have to achieve something each day to keep fulfilled. I love being a doc and thrive on helping people. I also have the need for music in my life, to keep my sanity and my spirit alive.

You have an unusual name. Tell us the funniest or most cringe situation its got you into?

Both Mobin and Master are my real names. Many think it’s made up and have to see ID before believing me. I got a letter in the mail addressed and written to “Nobbin Master”. Awkssss.

What else are you working on and what does the future look like for you?

I am looking forward to announcements regarding the Synthony tour, further releases on Safari Music with and Rubber People stuff, and working on some stuff with one of the performers from Synthony, Emily Williams.


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