Peggy Gou has released new single titled ‘Nabi’ via her Gudu Records label.

track features Gou’s first vocal collaboration. She is joined by fellow Korean artist OHHYUK, who is the lead singer and guitarist in indie band Hyukoh.

‘Nabi’ marks Peggy Gou’s first new music in more than two years, 2019 hit ‘Starry Night’.

Speaking about the track, Peggy Gou said: “When people hear my songs, I want to feel hope, positivity, good energy. is especially the case with Nabi. ’ve all been so much over the last year and it’s about facing up to the problems and negativity in lives and learning how to deal with it. It’s also about acceptance – accepting that it’s ok to feel this way. When people hear “Nabi”, they’ll hopefully feel the sense of healing – that feeling that going to be ok – that I feel when I listen to the songs that inspired it.”

Source: Only Techno

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