It has only been a few months since Dutch duo Vicetone shared their 10- debut LP, Legacy. In celebration of their passion for making music, they have produced a bootleg of The Weeknd‘s “Save Your Tears” for fun, and it is now available on their YouTube channel.


Vicetone layer lush dance notes over the original production to yield high-energy breaks fuse The Weeknd’s vocals with buoyant progressive house notes, making for an uplifting alternative version of “Save Your Tears.” The duo spoke about the remix in an official release, stating,

“We absolutely love the original and really wanted to remix it with our signature Vicetone sound. We can’t wait to play this remix in our live shows. Now that we are finally back touring it’s the perfect time to put this out. We love the energy and we’re excited to see everyone’s reaction to it in our set.”

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Source: Dancing Astronaut

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