Realities are in REZZ‘s newest for “Taste of You” featuring Dove Cameron. Cameron is a multi-threat talent, working as both a singer and an actress, so naturally her place in the role of new visual makes for a complementing fit.


video brings the track to life with a car crash under hazy skies, broken up by galvanizing pink lightning bolts. Sultry, dark, and emotive, the visuals follow the track’s lyrics, culminating in what proves to be a fatal, albeit sweet, and entirely disorienting kiss between the collaborators. Ultimately proving to be an artful, stirring representation of “Taste of You,” the track now coolly wears its name on its sleeve with the release of the new accompanying video.

Directed by Felicitiy Heath, new video for “Taste of You” out now via RCA Records. Watch below.

Featured Image: REZZ/Instagram

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