Having covered The Two Fake Blondes on their release of “Good For You,” ’s something and fresh about what they are bringing to the scene. Featuring a blend of toplines often paired with a catchy dance-pop style, their varied genre-incorporations included give it an edge that’s hard to pull away from. Upbeat, positive, and joyful, The Two Fake Blondes know what they are doing and know how to do it right.


With a bright future head of them and plenty to be curious about regarding their origins, musical background, and so much more, we took the time to chat with The Two Fake Blondes on a host of subject manner.

Is the name just about hair? Or how did the name of the group The Two Fake Blondes come about?

HANNAH: Gosh, ya know it took us a couple of solid weeks to come up with name. We wanted something memorable, something fun and something that could a great brand built around it. We tried all kinds of brainstorming ideas, even reading off crayola crayon to find inspiration. Lol But one day Pete said, as a joke since we both aren’t natural blondes, “what about The Two Fake Blondes”? We laughed and then about a day later were like wait….this is gold!

How did the two of you meet?

PETE: Oh the complication of this question! Haha the easy answer is that we met at a music video release party in Nashville when we both lived there. In more detail, Hannah was dating someone I knew at the time and so we were just friends for a while. She even tried to find me a date at one point so we could “double date”. Haha About 6 months later her relationship ended, we starting having incredible in-depth conversations…and the rest is history. Minus a breakup in the middle, etc. LOL

How did the idea for ‘Good 4 U,’ come about?

HANNAH: The idea for ‘Good 4 U’ came from a breakdown on my bathroom floor in 2016. I was going through an incredibly devastating breakup and I just didn’t know who I was anymore. God met me in that moment and reminded me of who I was. I made a promise to myself to start becoming good for me. I know I couldn’t be good for someone else if I wasn’t good for myself first. Pete resonated with this as well when we went through the same sort of transition during breakup before he decided he’d finally like to put a ring on it! Lol

What is the inspiration/ideology behind the branding of the project?

P&H: We wanted to create a brand that radiates joy. A brand that makes you smile every time you think of it. We’re all about encouraging others to live their lives to the fullest by dreaming big, setting goals and letting hope & love lead the way.

Is it hard to finish tracks for the two of you?

PETE: are definitely tracks that are easier to finish than others. “Body” & “If You Really Love Me” were written and produced quickly. “Lifeline” & “Good 4 U” were both tracks we had to work on and off for months until we got it right. We both know when a song is really done and one of strengths is that we’re willing to give each song the time that it needs in to be finished.

HANNAH: The beauty about working relationship in the studio is that we both know that neither of us could do what each of us do. Pete is the /sound design genius. I am the lyric / melody / vocal gal. We both help in all areas but we know where our strengths are and that helps us focus.

What do you hope the project of The Two Fake Blondes brings into your life?

PETE: Global community. We love people and goal is to tour the world and create a global community of fans that we engage with online or see whenever we’re in their city! It makes us so excited!

HANNAH: So far it’s brought this incredible unknown fascinating journey. It’s been like this incredible treasure hunt. And what we’ve realized is that even though will be bench marks of success, there isn’t a definitive end goal in mind for us. We want this to be a life long journey we enjoy (ups, downs and all) and eventually leave a legacy that be handed down to a positive impact on generations to come.

Source: Daily Beat

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