In this installment of “Catch A New Wav,” we interview the Swedish trio, Moodshift.


Longtime friends Lucas Nord, Rasmus Flyckt, and Oliver Nelson kicked off 2020 with a simple goal, to gather every to make music, have fun, and merge their signature skills and musical tastes. Their Wednesday sessions quickly evolved from a weekly get together to their first joint project, Moodshift. The creative collective of individually talented artists manages to strike the perfect balance between composition and production, creating tunes worth revisiting over and over again. Moodshift’s music is a change of pace in both vibe and style, blending each artists’ eclectic tastes to form a signature sound; pop-meets-indie-electronica. The trio is inspired by fragments, , and the undercurrents of life, reworking these musing into fresh, layered tracks.

Recently, the trio released official remixes for their latest original effort, “Heartless,” including a Pop/Dance production from duo, Wh0, and another from UK- producer, Harrison, available now on Universal Music.

We sit down with them to more.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?
A: We all listen to so much different music which I think is reflected in our songs. Production-wise, I think we’re usually more influenced by the more “left” stuff like , Rufus Du Sol and The Blaze without making any comparisons to us.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a musician?
A: Hearing people along to your songs is probably the best feeling in the world.

Q: Who is somebody you always to work with ( or deceased)?
A: We’ve said James Blake in the past so let’s go with that!

Q: To date, what’s your memorable music moment?
A: It’s probably different for all three of us; but, as Moodshift, I’d say putting out our first single was special. We stayed up all night together with a few friends and had our own little release .

Q: What does the immediate future hold for you in your artistic career?
A: We’re currently in the studio writing new songs for the fall which we’ll hopefully be able to play out live soon too!

Thanks for joining us and enjoy their latest remixes below.

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