July 5, 2021

Erbman hits us with four track EP on Natty Dub Recordings aptly named ‘City Flow’. Full of grit and grime for all of you inner city cruising needs.


Pontiac Funk

simple snare hi-hat to start off; but with that subtle 70’s guitar riff straight out of a Kojak episode with that unmistakable same generation TV rising synth. I’m totally transported to the back of a ghetto Pontiac complete with buzz and hum the bass line. You know the kind that vibrates the whole car. Ya like that. I’m not kidding I really want to listen to this going down the block in classic rolla. I’m pretty sure that we’re those shady characters from the wrong side of town. Drums are really clean, well arranged and just enough. The layers of everything else are full of subtle elements with the rising pads and synths and samples are in that “Goldy Locks” zone of just right. Really well engineered in the mix down as well as composition.

Fat Bud Sack

And I guess this is the track that we blast in the Pontiac after we go score some buds and are rolling massive blunts? Sounds about right. This one is bouncy with those jump up elements. Not the squelchy annoying ones…the other ones. Those fun sing song notes that stick in yer head. The breakdown has great dramatic synth lines and at the second drop picks that melody back up. Just fun track all around. And a really good groove all of it. The bass line following the melody, which is clever element that might sneak by you if you weren’t paying attention.

City Flow

Bass guitar and funk riff out of the gates. Keeping with that 70’s retro feel. This one really has the sounds of live band that is jamming on a groove and smoothly parts into the flow. The breakdown cuts the tempo in half and turns the vibe up for few measures. But just enough to get your attention and then right back into the main groove. Very dance friendly but not necessarily a “dance floor” track if you follow me. This is one of those tracks that you could for someone who wasn’t really all that into Drum and Bass and they’d be like “Really? This is drum and bass?”. Yeah, it really is. An unique track in every way.

Hear This

Light keys and hi hat give way to the snare and with some synth sweeps we come up to a quick build up and the drop with some vocal punctuation. The bass gets right in there with da biz and the grime. Probably the most straight forward and dance floor friendly track on the EP. Which isn’t to say it’s “basic”. It’s just about the only track on the that couldn’t immediately be used for 70’s TV inner city cop show. That all just shows the amazing range of Erbman on this collection. He really shows spectrum of styles and every track on this is really strong with unique characteristics. This track in particular is right in my wheel house and is gonna be in rotation for a minute.

Over all great showing for Erbman and very solid release from Natty Dub Recordings. ‘City Flow’ has great vibe all the way through start to finish.





Natty Dub Recordings


Source: DNB Vault

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