Ibiza is accustomed to being the centrepiece of the world. As the proverbial jewel, it is an island steeped in club and entertainment, but also equally hard to break for new comers. Thankfully, Juan Amigo a prominent Lawyer come DJ has taken his time to seed his sound onto the local circuit.

Well versed in the versatility it takes to break through, Juan has taken his long term relationship with music and it into a showcase of knowledge, depth and diversity. His instantly ignite with a unique . Expect anything from Nu Disco to the occasional indie anthem in, perfectly timed so the Balearic shines through in abundance. Playing epic chillout sets through to vibrant house flavours, Juan can translate from clubs through to private parties that continue to keep the island pumping.


With a resilient nature, Juan remains “Positive minded, free spirited and with a passion for music.” This works in the favour of the crowd, constantly evolving to keep the energy rising and culminating in an unforgettable experience. Furthering his Juan chimes in “It always pays to be true to yourself and to your DJ’ing style. Play the music that triggers within you. Not what it is supposed to be “in fashion” at any given moment. If you play music that triggers deep emotions, you will be able to send and transmit these emotions to the crowd and they will feel them as well. This is the magic of DJ’ing in my humble opinion. Having said this, adapt your style and music taste to the relevant venue (where you play) and music taste in that venue or crowd.”


Checking his latest mixes via , we strongly suggest you tune in fast, as Juan Amigo becomes one of the rising stars and staple diets of the island. Without force or ego, it’s refreshing to see anew face on the scene that’s purely interested in the music…. not just the money.

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