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      Welcome to the brand new OzClubbers community.  We welcome all the new members and old regulars back to the community!  The site is still brand new, so its a great time to get on and start some new conversations, create a blog, add events, or submit photos!  To do that, you will need to sign up first.  It takes about two minutes and is completely FREE.  To sign up, visit https://ozclubbers.com.au/register and either create a new account, or use your facebook or twitter accounts to register. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the Support menu! Thanks! Adam Madd


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    "ANYBODY KNOW how far up the road it is?" I asked, lighting a cigarette.

    Joseph bummed the cig, took a drag, and answered, "It’s pretty far. There’s a whole unsealed section into the Canaan Downs we haven’t even hit yet.”

    "Bugger, ay."

    We stood on the side of the narrow and snaky highway that climbed the Takaka hill, maybe three quarters of the way up, surrounded on all sides by verdant greenery.

    Ahead a stationary and long line of Gathering-bound vehicles, bouncing sunlight, curled away out of sight.

    Behind more vehicles pulled up, and our taxi driver (having returned for us, good as his word) had already long since disappeared back down the highway.

    “Well, this is just great,” said Sam. “Why would they tell you to catch a taxi if it's going to be like this? What are we supposed to do now? Walk everything in?”

    “Nah,” Tim replied with a slow smile. He seemed to be enjoying himself. (He always seemed to be enjoying himself.) “I reckon we join the queue.”

    Tom & Damian - cartonised

    He wasn’t joking, and when no better idea came, we decided to do exactly that.

    With Tim in the ‘driver's seat’ we arranged all of our gear into the shape of a car and sat down on the warm bitumen to wait. When the queue moved so did we, having great fun making loud car noises and dragging our gear forward a few feet at a time.

    The day was crisp and clear and it was all rather pleasant sitting there, but eventually, I suppose, we would have grown bored and attempted to walk our gear in.

    A dire fate.

    We were saved.

    The family in the campervan behind. A couple, maybe in their forties, funky, evident in their effortlessly cool hats and beaded bracelets, with two sons in their early teens.

    The type of couple, funky, you secretly wished were your parents taking you to an electronica festival as a kid. They had watched our antics with bemused expressions for the past half hour and now the father called Tim over. "Do you guys need a lift?" he asked out the driver's window.

    "Ah, man, that would be so great, if it's not too much hassle. Do you think we can fit?"

    "I think we can try." He turned to his two sons in the back. "Chris, Matt, can you make some room and open the door? We're going to have guests."

    Bubbling with gratitude, we moved quickly to take them up on their offer, the two sons watching us invade with an air of astonishment. I wondered if they knew how cool their parents were. I was tempted to tell them.

    When we had finished, we'd filled their camper to overflowing: Joseph, Sam, Tim and I either sitting on our backpacks or standing, and using the overhead cupboards to balance during the infrequent times the campervan actually lurched forward.

    Our benefactors were from Wellington—the father a journalist, the mother a schoolteacher—and we passed the next hours in pleasant conversation, Joseph and Tim schmoozing as they was so good at doing.

    Between times, we ducked outside to smoke cones and to speculate on how much longer it would take our friends coming later, and feeling glad it wasn't us.

    On the second or third time of re-entering the camper, I noticed the two sons sneaking glances my way and whispering.

    The father noticed too, and the next time it happened, he had a quiet word. After, with a laugh, he said, "Don't worry, they were just wondering if you were maybe some kind of wrestler."

    Joseph, sipping on a water bottle nearby, nearly choked.

    Of course, the son's confusion that day had more to do with the fashion I was rocking than the guns I was packing.

    For in the year since I'd crossed into the dance scene my style had changed, blossomed, the plaid flannel long since retired. Perched on my luggage that day, I was arrayed in a puffy silver jacket, reflective silver jeans, and (a new styling recently acquired) glittery nail polish . . . silver.

    I was rather proud of how far I'd come and how funky I now was, even if it did mean occasionally being mistaken for a wrestler, or a few awkward moments in transition—such as when my father walked in on me applying the nail polish three days before.

    Dad had stopped, muttered 'God fuck me' (his favourite swear expression, it never having occurred to him what it was he was asking God to do), done an about turn, and left.

    Dad’s evident strategy being: ask no questions, hear no lies (or unpalatable truths), though my answer would have been: Dad, it's cool, really meaning: Dad, it's freedom.

    Authors note - this blog entry a continuation from:


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    Hi everyone,

    So its time to update you on what we've added to the site in the past day or two.  Some really exciting stuff, some only mildly exciting stuff.

    My Home Page

    All members can now choose what they want as their default home page!  Whether it be the default All Activity feed, a regional summary, the Forums, the Blogs, the Calendars, or the Gallery. To do this, simply go to your account (https://ozclubbers.com.au/settings/) and select Edit Profile.  In the window that appears, you can change the "My Home Page" setting to whatever you want.  
    All Activity:  This will show you the default All Activity news feed
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    Blogs: Your default home page will be the main Blogs page
    Calendars: When you go to Home, you will be taken to the main Calendars page
    Gallery: You will see the main Photo Gallery page as your home page.


    There's a new menu option called "Regions", which allows you to see a summary of the different regions in Australia and whats going on there.  It includes the Forums, the Events Calendar, and any photos in the Photo Galleries that are in that region.  For promoters, it means an easier place for people to find your events in the region, including any tourists who are visiting the area!  And lets face it, who doesn't like some free promotion!

    Unlimited Likes

    The restriction has been lifted on how many "Likes" you can give in a day.  Its now unlimited.

    Liking your own content

    You can now like your own posts in the forums!

    Previous Ozclubbers / NewcastleParty.com memberships

    All the previous Ozclubbers and NewcastleParty.com community membership accounts have been imported.  If you had an account on the old Ozclubbers or NewcastleParty.com community websites, your username and email address has now been imported.  You will have received an email with your password to log in to the site.  You can change your password from the one you were given by visiting https://ozclubbers.com.au/settings/password/.

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    Thanks again to everyone for being part of Ozclubbers!


    Adam Madd





    ALL NIGHT ~ (BoogieKnights Broken Rethink) ~ Diamond Lights ~ Yes Yes Records ~ 1

    TOKE ON LIFE ~ KSO ft Lifford Shillingford ~ Stepper Man ~ 2

    ON YOUR MIND ~ (Original) ~ Mortimer Snerd III ~ XXX ~ 3

    FREEK ~ (Original / Glover / Avon Stringer / Taisun Mix) ~ Tomn Budin ~ Astrx ~ 4

    FRIED CHICKEN ~ Armand Van Helden & Komes ~ Ministry ~ 5

    WHEN I WAS YOUR KING ~ (BoogieKnights / Knights Of The Round Label Mix) ~ Magnifik ft Andrea Kerwin ~ Yes Yes Records ~ 6

    CHAMELEON ~ (BoogieKnights Refunk) ~ Pnau ~ ETCETC ~ 7

    BE SOMEBODY ~ (Extended / JimJam Mix) ~ Alex Mills ~ Neon ~ 8

    CLOUD 9 ~ (Album Mix) ~ Jamiroquai ~ EMI ~ 9

    GET DOWN ~ BiTMORE ~ Astrx ~ 10

    MINUTE OF YOU ~ (Original Club / JimJam Mix) ~ Dan Slater & JimJam ft Nalaya Brown ~ Swishcraft ~ 11

    HEAT OF THE NIGHT ~ Eat More Cake ~ Neon ~ 12

    THINK OF ME ~ Jordan Magro ft Boswell ~ Tinted ~ 13

    SATURDAY NIGHT MAN ~ (Original Mix) ~ Manuel Riva & Hyptonix ~ FWD Agency ~ 14

    SHED A LIGHT ~ (Tocadisco Mix) ~ Robin Schulz & David Guetta ~ EMI ~ 15

    YOU CAN CALL ME AL ~ (Extended Mix) ~ Murph & Petch ft Livingstone ~ Vicious ~ 16

    YEAH! ~ (Original Mix) ~ Sandy Rivera ~ Defected ~ 17

    WHATCHA WANNA DO ~ (Silversix Mix) ~ Beni ~ Onelove ~ 18

    FLYIN ~ Friendless & Kaiser Waldon ~ Be Rich ~ 19

    WONDERLAND ~ (Extended Mix) ~ Random Soul ~ RSR ~ 20




    TOKE ON LIFE ~ KSO ft Lifford Shillingford ~ Stepper Man ~ 1

    HEAT OF THE NIGHT ~ Eat More Cake ~ Neon ~ 2

    CHANGES 2017 ~ (IDQ / Tommy Bones Mix) ~ Sandy Rivera & Haze ~ Innervisions ~ 3

    MINDER ~ Dajae, Prok & Fitch ~ Toolroom ~ 4

    SAME MAN ~ Franky Rizardo ~ Defected ~ 5

    CLOSE TO YOU ~ (Icarus Extended Mix) ~ ARLE ~ SubSoul ~ 6

    ALL IN MY HEAD ~ The Cube Guys, Diego Broggio & Castaman Ft. Miss Julia ~ Cube Recordings ~ 7

    LITTLE PIGS ~ Vanilla Ace ~ Spinnin' Deep ~ 8

    AUTOMATON ~ (Original / Deetron Mix) ~ Jamiroquai ~ Virgin ~ 9

    SATURDAY ~ Hazzaro ~ Guesthouse Music ~ 10


    BUTTERFLY ~ Dino Maggiorana ~ Toolroom Trax ~ 12

    YEAH! ~ (Original Mix) ~ Sandy Rivera ~ Defected ~ 13

    WHATCHA WANNA DO ~ (Silversix Mix) ~ Beni ~ Onelove ~ 14

    LONELY NIGHTS ~ DJ Mes ~ Guesthouse Music ~ 15

    MOVIN' ON ~ (Extended / Dantiez / Pete Herbert Mix) ~ Husky ft Shyam ~ Bobbin Head Music ~ 16

    SOUL HEAVEN (ALRIGHT) ~ (Right To Life Remix) ~ Micky More, Andy Tee ~ XXX ~ 17

    WONDERLAND ~ (Extended Mix) ~ Random Soul ~ RSR ~ 18

    TOUCH MY MIND ~ (Extended Mix) ~ Illyus & Barrientos ~ Double Up ~ 19

    CAUGHT UP ~ (Kings Of Tomorrow Mix) ~ Sonny Fodera ft Yasmeen ~ Defected ~ 20




    RUN UP ~ Major Lazer ft PartyNextDoor & Nicki Minaj ~ Because Music ~ 1

    THIS KIND LOVE ~ Patoranking ~ XXX ~ 2

    DISTANCE ~ Omarion ~ XXX ~ 3

    COLD ~ Maroon 5 ft Future ~ XXX ~ 4

    FINE WINE ~ Yxng Bane ft Kojo Funds ~ XXX ~ 5

    ROCKABYE ~ Clean Bandit ft Sean Paul & Anne-Marie ~ WMA ~ 6

    NO LIE ~ Sean Paul ft Dua Lipa ~ XXX ~ 7

    NASTY ~ Kid Ink ~ XXX ~ 8

    SHAKE IT ~ Mr. Collipark, JSTJR, & Jesse Slayter ft Shaggy ~ XXX ~ 9

    FAST WINE ~ Machel Montano ~ XXX ~ 10

    LIKE A STAR ~ Fetty Wap ~ XXX ~ 11

    LIKE THIS ~ DJ Henry X ft Wizkid ~ Spinnin' ~ 12

    SUNRISE ~ Jillionaire ft Fuze ODG & Fatman Scoop ~ XXX ~ 13

    LIGHTS OUT (TOO DRUNK) ~ DJ Katch ft Hayley ~ Warner ~ 14

    NOT NICE ~ PartyNextDoor ~ XXX ~ 15

    YOUR NUMBER (Remix) ~ Ayo Jay ft Chris Brown & Kid Ink ~ XXX ~ 16

    BIG BAD SOCA ~ Bunji Garlin ~ XXX ~ 17

    EVERYBODY KNOW ~ Beenie Man ~ XXX ~ 18

    CHANCE ~ Sean Kingston & Vybz Kartel ~ XXX ~ 19

    BANG ~ RDX ~ XXX ~ 20




    BAD & BOUJEE ~ Migos & Lil Uzi Vert ~ WAR     ~ 1

    THAT'S WHAT I LIKE ~ Bruno Mars ~ XXX ~ 2

    DISTANCE ~ Omarion ~ XXX ~ 3

    SHINING ~ DJ Khaled ft Beyonce & JZ ~ Epic ~ 4

    I THINK OF YOU ~ Jerimih ft Chris Brown ~ XXX ~ 5

    PARIS ~ The Chainsmokers ~ SME ~ 6

    COLD ~ Maroon 5 ft Future ~ XXX ~ 7

    BOM BIDI BOM ~ Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj  ~ XXX ~ 8

    NOW & LATER ~ Sage The Gemini ~ XXX ~ 9

    WHEN WE PARTY ~ Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G ft Snoop Dogg ~ XXX ~ 10

    IT TAKES TWO ~ Mike Will Made It, Lil Yachty, & Carly Rae Jepson ~ XXX ~ 11

    LOVE $ICK ~ Mura Masa ft A$AP Rocky ~ UMA ~ 12

    ALL NIGHT ~ Chance The Rapper ~ XXX ~ 13

    IN MY FOREIGN ~ The Americanos ft Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana, Lil Yachty & Nicky Jam ~ XXX ~ 14

    WAY YOU ARE ~ Fetty Wap ~ XXX ~ 15

    ALL ASS ~ Migos ~ XXX ~ 16

    BLACK BAMBOO ~ With You ~ XXX ~ 17

    I DON'T ~ Mariah Carey ~ XXX ~ 18

    SO GOOD ~ Zara Larson ft Ty Dolla $ign ~ XXX ~ 19

    SWISH ~ Kid Ink ~ XXX ~ 20


    These charts are compiled by GALLEON and include the BoogieKnights official ARIA contribution.


  3. Monthly Footwork/Juke Updates

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    I originally wanted to do a blog reviewing new music each month, but have decided I’m also going to do a mix of my favourites of the month (in release date order).

    Here’s the tracklist for the mix.

    Artist – Title [Release (yy-mm-dd) Label]

    1. Comoc – Ugly Mirrors [Bangaloops (17-01-04) Comoc]
    2. Comoc – Bangaloop Dunk [Bangaloops 2 (17-01-17) Comoc]
    3. Comoc – Time For You [Bangaloops 2 (17-01-17) Comoc]
    4. PZG & Dubsknit – My Love [We Rob Rave 2 (17-01-25) Cock Rock Disco]
    5. PZG & Dubsknit – Be Wiv You [We Rob Rave 2 (17-01-25) Cock Rock Disco]
    6. PZG & Dubsknit – Allright [We Rob Rave 2 (17-01-25) Cock Rock Disco]
    7. PZG & Dubsknit – Down All Night [We Rob Rave 2 (17-01-25) Cock Rock Disco]
    8. Breaka – Pull & Release [Express Your Groove (17-01-27) Modern Ruin]
    9. Breaka – The Mistake [Express Your Groove (17-01-27) Modern Ruin]
    10. Breaka – Express Your Groove [Express Your Groove (17-01-27) Modern Ruin]
    11. BCOTB – Little Thoughts [Traxmex Vol. 1 (17-01-27) JukeMX]
    12. Itoa – Strange Attractor [Strange Attractor (17-01-30) Beat Machine]
    13. Kiruma – How Did We Get Here (A. Fruit remix) [How Did We Get Here (10-01-31) Black Marble Collective]
    14. Lux Familiar – More Flava [The Right Way (17-01-31) Polish Juke]
    15. Lux Familiar – The Right Way feat. Rhythm Baboon [The Right Way (17-01-31) Polish Juke]


    Comoc released two Bangaloop EPs this month, pretty classic footwork/juke styles in these two releases, my favourite from vol1 being Ugly Mirrors, a blippy tune with enough variation and some great screaming. From vol2, Time For You is the standout, the bass getting a fair bit of a workout in this one compared to some of his other tunes.

    PZG & Dubsknit’s aptly named We Rob Rave 2 heavily samples rave tracks of the 90s, and they’re mostly hits if you ask me. They range from jungle heavy to more traditional footwork.

    Breaka’s Express Your Groove is also more on the jungle side of things, Pull & Release is a throwback to 95 jungle, while The Mistake has a bassline that could’ve been written by Om Unit, its half-step structure is backed up with jungle drums. Express Your Groove is more of the same only a more seemingly scattered drum kit. Itoa’s remix of The Mistake goes in a different direction completely, it has a percussive and tribal feel to it.

    Mexico based JukeMX put out the first volume of Traxmex. This release sees some great tunes, including a footwork remix of Rihanna’s Umbrella, but the standout tune for me is BCOTB’s Little Thoughts, a chilled gem with heavy use of piano and subtle vocal sampling.

    Itoa always brings something brilliant with each release, Strange Attractor is no different, with his signature footwork-jungle executed perfectly. Sully takes it further down the jungle end of the spectrum with chopped up breaks.

    Kiruma’s How Did We Get Here gets the remix treatment by three excellent artists, A. Fruit’s being the standout. Lush synth work swooping all over on top of a pretty standard A. Fruit affair. The BSN Posse remix is also noteworthy, stripping things back a bit.

    The Right Way EP by Lux Familiar is a perfect example of how is done. More Flava is just plain bumbaclaat good, while The Right Way utilises some pretty epic double bass samples to great effect.


    Cheers for checking out my blog. Hopefully I’ll be back next month with some more J