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About this blog

Welcome to the official Ozclubbers News and Updates blog.  In this blog, we will be letting you know about exciting updates, changes, and anything related to the Ozclubbers website.  Members can follow this blog to get updates, and everyone can subscribe to the RSS feed!

Entries in this blog


Hi everyone,

I've been hard at it again over the past few months, and as you may have noticed, the site is not only becoming a one-stop-shop for everything about clubbing, but even running smoother and faster!  As part of it becoming a one-stop-shop, here's some new things that have been added  :)

News and Reviews

The News and Reviews section has launched!  Not only are we getting syndicated feeds from a number of reputable sources in the electronic music industry, but we have our own writers posting news and reviews!  This makes Ozclubbers.com.au a single place that you can go to get all the news, rather than jumping to multiple different websites across your day.

Of course, we are always on the lookout for more writers, so if you think you can contribute, head over to https://ozclubbers.com.au/application and send us through an application! 


Firstly, we have opened up Event Adding so that you no longer need to be a member to add your event.  If you aren't a member, you will need to wait for your event to be approved by a moderator before it appears on the site.  If you are a member, not only is your event is automatically approved, but you can respond to comments and view the RSVP list.  To add an event, go to https://ozclubbers.com.au/calendar/submit.  Remember, adding events is completely free!

Secondly, we have linked up with a number of venues to have their Facebook events now appear on our Calendar. So not only will you see events that various event promoters post up, you'll also get to see the events from venues as well.
If you are a venue, and would like to get your Facebook events linked up to appear on Ozclubbers, get in touch with @AdamMadd and we can arrange it - it costs you absolutely nothing!

And lastly, for those in Brisbane, any events added to the Brisbane calendar will automatically appear on the Brisbane Social and The Valley facebook pages.  Great way to get free promotion!
If you are the owner/manager of a Facebook page in your city dedicated to the clubbing and electronic music scene, get in touch with @AdamMadd and we can get events appearing on your page automatically too!

We now have weekly newsletters which give you all the news, events, forum topics, blogs, photos, etc all in one email!  You can subscribe and unsubscribe to these by visiting https://ozclubbers.com.au/settings/?area=newsletters and selecting the newsletters relevant to you from there.

Music Wiki

Our brand new feature is a Music Wiki.  This is a community-driven place to define the various different styles of electronic music.  You can also search through it if you don't know what a particular genre or style is.  This wiki is completely community driven, so we need your input to add and update the information on it.  You can find this under the Music menu, or by jumping to https://ozclubbers.com.au/musicwiki/

New Brisbane Photographer

We want to take a moment to welcome our new photographer in Brisbane, @harry_jwhite. Harry has a vast array of experience in photography and is keen to help out the scene as much as possible.

We are still looking for volunteer photographers in other cities as well, so if you are a bit of a socialite, have a decent camera, and like getting free entry to events, get in touch with us at https://ozclubbers.com.au/application


The forums have had a bit of an update.  You can now view the Forums in a "stream" view, which lets you filter all the active threads by forum topic using options on the right hand side of the page.  This gives you the chance to see all the topics that interest you, but without the need to jump back and forth around the site. 



Thats about it for now.  Thanks again for being part of our community, and if you like what we are doing, please share the site around!


Adam Madd


Hi everyone,

I've been hard at it again over the past few months, enhancing the experience and making the site run smoother and faster.  In that process, i've added a few new things. :)

Events and Venues

When adding an event, you now have the option of selecting from a list of existing venues, or adding a new one.  When you add a new one, you need to provide the location (address, suburb/city, state) and it will become available to everyone else on the community, which means adding events becomes so much quicker!  Once you've added a venue, anyone can then search for other events at that venue!


If you are a venue owner or event promoter, you can now create a discussion space for your event / venue by going to https://ozclubbers.com.au/clubs/. This can be a public, open, closed, or private discussion space, and you have complete control over the discussions.  When you create a Club, you'll be asked for the location of your venue or event, and people can then browse for your club on a map.


Once upon a time, there were likes.  Now, we have Reactions!  Reactions are similar to the ones you see on Facebook.  There's the normal Like, then there's a Thanks, Haha, and a few others.  Look for the little heart icon and thats where you can react to posts!

Viewing the Forums

There's now the option to change the way you view the forums.  At the top right of the forums list, you can select one of three different methods for viewing the forums.

Completing your profile

When you log in, you will be asked to complete your profile if it isn't completed.  The required fields will be asked first, and then any optional questions after (such as your preferred music genre).

Update to the interface

I've tweaked the interface a little now to make it load quicker and seem a bit easier on the eye.  There's a few more tweaks to come yet too which will make it even quicker.

Quoting to Facebook

You can now highlight pieces of text and a little "Share Quote" option appears, which allows you to share that specific quote to Facebook


Thats about it for now.  Thanks again for being part of our community, and if you like what we are doing, please share it around!


Adam Madd



New Ozclubbers Features (20th Mar 2017)

Hi everyone,

I've been hard at it over the past month fine-tuning the community and sorting out a few bugs, but during that time, there's been a few new things that have been added!  So its time to update you on what has been added to the site since my last update.


The setup has changed a bit, and we now have Contributors.  Contributors are members who are actively out there almost (and sometimes actually) every weekend capturing the music scene and posting it up on here for you!  They are reviewers, writers, and photographers who are volunteering their time to go to bars, clubs, events, and festivals just to let you know about whats going on!  They're also finding the latest music and albums and telling you about them!

We are on the lookout for Contributors, so if you think you have the passion to be out amongst it, capturing those moments on proverbial paper, we would love to hear from you!  We are especially looking for enthusiastic writers and photographers in all regions of Australia who are willing to volunteer their time on weekends to go out and socialise while at the same time contributing to the community! By being a Contributor, you will not only get access to various venues and events, but you will get your works seen by many people every week!
Members can apply to become a Contributor by visiting https://ozclubbers.com.au/application and clicking on "Apply".

News and Reviews

Now that we are starting to get Contributors on-board, you will start to see News and Reviews from our writers appear on the site under the News menu!  You can choose from local news, international news, music and event reviews, and lifestyle articles!  Watch this space for the articles to start coming in thick and fast!


Are you a producer or DJ and want to get yourself heard?  We have a new service called Musicbox, which gives Gold Members unlimited storage where they can upload their original works, remixes, and mixes to Ozclubbers and the general public can listen to them while on the site or download them from the community! Gold Members can even list their own Artist profile on the site!  We are also trialling an option where unsigned producers who have original works can sell their works via Ozclubbers!
Annual Gold Membership subscription is available HERE to all members.  


We have fine-tuned our Events Calendar system to include Music Genres, a URL for purchasing tickets, and even a Facebook event URL field!  This allows people to search for your event, such as based on the music genre you select!
We are working on the location information section of events, as its not automatically picking up some venues, but if this is the case, when adding the location to your event, we suggest you list both the venue name AND its address in the Address line, which will allow Google Maps to identify it.


If you are a regular on the Forums, you can now add your own Signature to any posts you make!


The first few weekends worth of photos have just started to appear now!  We are still looking for budding enthusiastic photographers who would like to get out and amongst it every weekend, so if you think this is you, and you have a reasonably decent camera, head over to https://ozclubbers.com.au/application and click on "Apply".

Inactive Members

If you haven't been on the site yet, but have an account, now is a great time to get on!  To make sure that people have reasonable access to usernames (which you can change a couple of times a year), inactive members will be deleted from the community after a year!  But don't fret, you will get plenty of warning, with a reminder email every 3 months leading up to it, and then one last one just before its deleted.

Custom shortened URLs

Following on from the previous point, we will be introducing custom URLs for your membership profile soon, based on your username.  Keep an eye out for this!

Staff list

You can now see who the administrators, moderators, and contributors are by accessing the Staff page from the "More" menu!


That's all from me for now!  Once again, thanks for being part of the Ozclubbers community and see you online!


Adam Madd


New Features (23rd Feb 2017)

Hi everyone,

So its time to update you on what we've added to the site in the past day or two.  Some really exciting stuff, some only mildly exciting stuff.

My Home Page

All members can now choose what they want as their default home page!  Whether it be the default All Activity feed, a regional summary, the Forums, the Blogs, the Calendars, or the Gallery. To do this, simply go to your account (https://ozclubbers.com.au/settings/) and select Edit Profile.  In the window that appears, you can change the "My Home Page" setting to whatever you want.  
All Activity:  This will show you the default All Activity news feed
Regional Summary: This will show you a summary of whats going on in the region you have selected in "My Region" as your home page
Forums: This will take you to the main Forums page when you first visit the site
Blogs: Your default home page will be the main Blogs page
Calendars: When you go to Home, you will be taken to the main Calendars page
Gallery: You will see the main Photo Gallery page as your home page.


There's a new menu option called "Regions", which allows you to see a summary of the different regions in Australia and whats going on there.  It includes the Forums, the Events Calendar, and any photos in the Photo Galleries that are in that region.  For promoters, it means an easier place for people to find your events in the region, including any tourists who are visiting the area!  And lets face it, who doesn't like some free promotion!

Unlimited Likes

The restriction has been lifted on how many "Likes" you can give in a day.  Its now unlimited.

Liking your own content

You can now like your own posts in the forums!

Previous Ozclubbers / NewcastleParty.com memberships

All the previous Ozclubbers and NewcastleParty.com community membership accounts have been imported.  If you had an account on the old Ozclubbers or NewcastleParty.com community websites, your username and email address has now been imported.  You will have received an email with your password to log in to the site.  You can change your password from the one you were given by visiting https://ozclubbers.com.au/settings/password/.

Bulk Unfollow Content

If you find you are subscribed to too many sections of the site, you can now bulk unfollow (unsubscribe) everything that you are currently following.  To do this, visit https://ozclubbers.com.au/followed/ and select "Remove from All Content".  This will unfollow you from everything you are subscribed to.  Note though, that you will also unfollow this blog, so you will not hear about any new developments for the site!


Thanks again to everyone for being part of Ozclubbers!


Adam Madd



Hey everyone,

Welcome to the new Ozclubbers community website.  Our aim is to fill the vaccum that has been created in the electronic music community in recent years by bringing communication back to community. Simply put, what we are doing is taking a grass roots approach and providing an online community for the electronic and dance music scene to get together and communicate with each other. Facebook puts us in silo's according to our friends list and who facebook thinks you want to see posts from, even facebook groups seem to only show some posts to some people. So we want to provide a space where the entire community can communicate together for the betterment of the scene without any special algorithm which tries to decide what you want to see. We want you to decide what you want to see by simply selecting the section of the site that you want to see. Like this, we are hoping a space like Ozclubbers can bring the scene back together again!

What can people do on Ozclubbers?

The Forums

First and foremost, this is a place for people to come together and communicate freely.  The forums are divided up into regions (eg: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, regional NSW, etc) where each region can communicate with others in that region, plus areas for producers and DJs, and also sections based on your musical preference (eg: Breaks, Techno, House, Trap, Drum & Bass, etc).  This gives everyone the most flexibility when it comes to getting their message heard.

When posting on the forums, you can also send your topic to facebook (if you have facebook connected to your Ozclubbers account).  This will let you share your post with your friends on facebook too so they can interact with your topic.

Including external media (such as youtube, soundcloud, or mixcloud) is very easy.  Just post a link to the media, and the forums will automatically translate it into a widget in your post. Quite simple and powerful stuff!  You can also attach a limited number of images and videos to the posts too.

The forums also use some basic phpBB code too, so if you want to use phpBB formatting on your posts, you are quite welcome to!

The Blogs

These blogs (like the one you are reading right now) are the place for people to share their ideas, thoughts, and information.  They can be used to create charts, write reviews, offer tips or helpful instructions, or share your life's journey. Just like the forums, including external media (such as youtube, soundcloud, or mixcloud) is as easy as posting a link to the media, and the blog will automatically translate it into a widget in your post. And you can also attach a limited number of images and videos to the posts too.

Members can follow your blog to get updates via email whenever you post a new entry, and can also submit comments and feedback to your blogs!

The Calendars

The event calendars is a central place for people to submit their events for everyone, including the public, to see and find.  Facebook events get so lost these days because of the silo "feature" on facebook, so only a limited number of people ever find out about your event.  The Ozclubbers calendars will list every event that is added to it, regardless whether the organiser is your friend or not.  You can filter it by the region so you only see events for that region, and even search on them using tags.  This gives you the power to find out about every event that is being held in your region!

We encourage all members to add their events to the calendar.  It doesn't take long, just a minute or two, and if you already have a blurb written out on Facebook, just copy/paste it into the event details.  Or if its easier for you, just post a link to the Facebook event in the event details.  We don't mind what details you post about your event, all we want it the event on there so everyone can find out about your event and help drive up your attendance!

The Gallery

This is a place for you to create publicly available photo galleries for everyone to see.  We don't mind if you are an amateur or mobile-only photographer, or whether you are a professional with a multi-thousand dollar setup.  Everyone's photos are welcome in our Gallery.  You can see who was at different events or venues on what night.  

Adding photos there is real easy.  Simply choose your region from the Gallery menu, hit on Add Images, and create a new album based on where and what date you took the photos (eg: Family Nightclub - Sat 21st Jan 2017).  You can even do this from your mobile if you want!


As we said, we want to take a grass roots, simple approach to the community.  We aren't looking to be everything for everyone, we just want to be a place for everyone who has an interest in electronic music to come together.  And its up to you, the community, to help make it better!

If you have any suggestions for the site, or issues with access, go to https://ozclubbers.com.au/support and you can get in touch with us through there.

Thanks for being part of the new Ozclubbers community!



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