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January 2017 Footwork/Juke new releases



I originally wanted to do a blog reviewing new music each month, but have decided I’m also going to do a mix of my favourites of the month (in release date order).

Here’s the tracklist for the mix.

Artist – Title [Release (yy-mm-dd) Label]

  1. Comoc – Ugly Mirrors [Bangaloops (17-01-04) Comoc]
  2. Comoc – Bangaloop Dunk [Bangaloops 2 (17-01-17) Comoc]
  3. Comoc – Time For You [Bangaloops 2 (17-01-17) Comoc]
  4. PZG & Dubsknit – My Love [We Rob Rave 2 (17-01-25) Cock Rock Disco]
  5. PZG & Dubsknit – Be Wiv You [We Rob Rave 2 (17-01-25) Cock Rock Disco]
  6. PZG & Dubsknit – Allright [We Rob Rave 2 (17-01-25) Cock Rock Disco]
  7. PZG & Dubsknit – Down All Night [We Rob Rave 2 (17-01-25) Cock Rock Disco]
  8. Breaka – Pull & Release [Express Your Groove (17-01-27) Modern Ruin]
  9. Breaka – The Mistake [Express Your Groove (17-01-27) Modern Ruin]
  10. Breaka – Express Your Groove [Express Your Groove (17-01-27) Modern Ruin]
  11. BCOTB – Little Thoughts [Traxmex Vol. 1 (17-01-27) JukeMX]
  12. Itoa – Strange Attractor [Strange Attractor (17-01-30) Beat Machine]
  13. Kiruma – How Did We Get Here (A. Fruit remix) [How Did We Get Here (10-01-31) Black Marble Collective]
  14. Lux Familiar – More Flava [The Right Way (17-01-31) Polish Juke]
  15. Lux Familiar – The Right Way feat. Rhythm Baboon [The Right Way (17-01-31) Polish Juke]


Comoc released two Bangaloop EPs this month, pretty classic footwork/juke styles in these two releases, my favourite from vol1 being Ugly Mirrors, a blippy tune with enough variation and some great screaming. From vol2, Time For You is the standout, the bass getting a fair bit of a workout in this one compared to some of his other tunes.

PZG & Dubsknit’s aptly named We Rob Rave 2 heavily samples rave tracks of the 90s, and they’re mostly hits if you ask me. They range from jungle heavy to more traditional footwork.

Breaka’s Express Your Groove is also more on the jungle side of things, Pull & Release is a throwback to 95 jungle, while The Mistake has a bassline that could’ve been written by Om Unit, its half-step structure is backed up with jungle drums. Express Your Groove is more of the same only a more seemingly scattered drum kit. Itoa’s remix of The Mistake goes in a different direction completely, it has a percussive and tribal feel to it.

Mexico based JukeMX put out the first volume of Traxmex. This release sees some great tunes, including a footwork remix of Rihanna’s Umbrella, but the standout tune for me is BCOTB’s Little Thoughts, a chilled gem with heavy use of piano and subtle vocal sampling.

Itoa always brings something brilliant with each release, Strange Attractor is no different, with his signature footwork-jungle executed perfectly. Sully takes it further down the jungle end of the spectrum with chopped up breaks.

Kiruma’s How Did We Get Here gets the remix treatment by three excellent artists, A. Fruit’s being the standout. Lush synth work swooping all over on top of a pretty standard A. Fruit affair. The BSN Posse remix is also noteworthy, stripping things back a bit.

The Right Way EP by Lux Familiar is a perfect example of how is done. More Flava is just plain bumbaclaat good, while The Right Way utilises some pretty epic double bass samples to great effect.


Cheers for checking out my blog. Hopefully I’ll be back next month with some more J

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