From the blog "In The Midnight Lands"

WELCOME TO IN THE MIDNIGHT LANDS. Kick back and relax to Salmonella Dub while you check out these essentials: WHAT IS ITML? In The Midnight Lands tells the story of one improbable kiwi’s blaze through the world's legendary outdoor EDM festivals in one globe-trotting, brain-imploding summer You read it just like a book – start at bottom of the blog and work your way up You can also move from post to post using previous and next entry (just above the comments) Each entry will be a ‘bite-sized’ snack ideal for mobiles and tablets There will be multiple updates a week Want me to go faster? Leave me a comment   PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO FOLLOW THE BLOG, LIKE AND COMMENT You can comment on any entry no matter old – I will see and respond and so will others new to the story It can be anything - that’a boy, an emoji, meme, video, picture Tell me what you like, hate, are bored by Ask me a question Suggest an improvement Make me a proposition (all such offers to first be run past she who must be obeyed, AKA THE WIFE)   REMEMBER: It is your likes and comments that will keep me posting It is your comments that will help me to figure out what works and doesn’t It really doesn’t take long – I know you have to log in, even register, but you can spare one minute, right?   Look forward to talking with you all soon, Izzy.