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In The Midnight Lands

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14. It was etched all over.



TIME DASHED, a swift and terrible spring.

Oxygen Tank

Ginny had not responded to the antibiotics and gone back into hospital. Mum flew up from Palmerston to fuss and dispense daily updates. The first inklings Ginny's illness was something more serious gathered like graveyard fog.

But none of us were prepared for D day - the day of diagnosis. The day the young doctor entered Ginny's room and told us the melanoma was back, had metastasised, was far advanced. He had no treatment plan to offer.

Before leaving the room, eyes downcast, shamed in the face of Mum and Ginny's shock, he said they should contact the Hospice. Then he was gone.

The Hospice, the fucking Hospice - palliative care, a halfway house of the dying.

In a quavering voice Mum recounted all this. It was later and we drove back to the hospital to collect Ginny. She did not want to stay there. She wanted to come home. The doctors said okay.

Dying. . . I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea. Like a sunk cinder-block it settled fat and heavy at the bottom of my brainpan. It displaced all my cerebrospinal fluid.

Such a minor, minor thing the year before, the year the mole was carved from Ginny's leg. The ‘shark bite’ she'd christened it. Cancerous, sure, but small, minute even, and the surgeon said he'd gotten it all and things had soon gone on as normal.

But he hadn’t. He fucking hadn't, and here we were, now, on a shapeless Monday morn, with Ginny, thirty-five, who never went out in the sun, was the only one in the family never to have smoked, dying of skin cancer. The idea pressed down, crushed down, it snapped through my atlas and axis verterbrae, it was heading for my chest, it was heading for heart.

My sister Hannah in Sydney got a call as we drove. She was not ready for the conversation, who could be?

I wish now I’d been able to break the news better, that my intentions had been more pure. That some stunted, horrid part of me hadn’t thrilled at the drama of it all, the sheer scale of disclosure.

This withered to nothing before the terror in Hannah's voice. "What do you mean cancer?" I had to pass the phone to Mum. Mum soon began to cry. I sucked down cigarettes for all I was worth.

Finally Mum passed the phone back. "Hannah, you have to get here as soon as you can. I mean like today or tomorrow.”

Tears in her voice, Hannah promised she would. We agreed to talk later and I ended the call - with Hannah crying. I hated to leave her like that: upset, alone, at work. But what could I do? 


There was nothing any of us could do.



AT THE hospital Ginny was putting on a brave face - we must stay calm, we must make light - but could no longer hide the battle her silent, savage fight. Like an acid splash it was etched all over.

She'd dropped ten kilograms - a great start to her weight loss we'd joked the day before - her skin turned to translucent white. Her movements were slow, her respiration heavy, and her eyes, from their dark hollows, guttered like candles in a cave.

Yet even then I did not understand, had not brought her oxygen tank for the drive home. It was only a short drive you see. Mum was upset. Ginny forgave.

But it was difficult for her.

She had to sit with the window down, head partially out, quietly gasping. I studied her - her profile out of the corner of my eye - with the empty traffic and its empty people pursuing their empty workaday lives - as the rasp of her pant chewed a hole through my mind - and I could no longer pretend.


* * * *

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Jesus dude... :o 

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I know exactly what you mean about the way we feel a terrible thrill when passing on such news. I love that honesty. 

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On 22/10/2017 at 5:14 AM, Absent said:

I know exactly what you mean about the way we feel a terrible thrill when passing on such news.

Human beings are such strange creatures

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      What effect did “Deep Down Low” have on your career? Did you think it would get as big as it did?
      I completely think it had a tremendous effect, in a positive way, on my career. And to answer your other question — no, I didn’t think it would be as successful as it was. I thought maybe my peers like Skrillex and Diplo, or someone like that in the bass music world would play it. But then Calvin Harris and Afrojack and Axwell Λ Ingrosso were all huge in playing the record — taking it to a completely different realm and a completely different height. I feel like I owe a lot all those DJs in terms of helping the record blow up. I’m still astonished and thankful and grateful that people are still playing the record out. Hopefully it just becomes one of those house records that lives on and on for years.
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      Obviously, Mad Decent and OWSLA. I really like listening to Boys Noize’s label, actually. It’s probably different from what I would typically play in my sets, but once in a while I do these weird hard techno sets. 
      You seem to have a lot of DJs friends… Have any of those friendships led to collaborations?
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      Being able to hang out with people that you get along with definitely adds to it. A lot of these friendships spark because it’s like, “Hey, I like your music.” And the other person is like, “Hey, I like your music, too!” If you connect with human beings on top of that it’s a really cool combination.
      If you had to start a superstar duo with one of the following, who would you choose: Skrillex, Diplo or Dillon Francis?
      [Laughs] I would maybe choose Diplo just because musically I think we align with each other. All of our sounds and releases are really versatile, and we don’t stick to making one sound over and over. Not that Dillon and Skrillex are like that, because I think both of those guys are incredibly versatile too. Diplo has always been forward thinking and trendsetting in everything he’s done. He’s kind of been all over the place in a good way, in terms of the versatility of his sound.
      What is Valentino Khan’s mantra?
      My mantra is kind of what I tell any young producer or DJ that asks me for advice. The two things I say… Be original and work your ass off. I think if you have those two things in place in your life, then eventually the cream will rise to the top and people will take notice of you.
      It’s just like any other job — it might be a weird job but it’s just like any other. You have to work hard and you have to put in the hours. And you have to be devoted to it. If you’re able to do that, you’ll have a strong level of success. 
      Valentino Khan Live
      October 27—Sacramento, CA—Fright Night*
      October 28—San Francisco, CA—Temple Nightclub
      November 18—Chicago, IL—Aragon Ballroom†
      November 22—Royal Oak, MI—Royal Oak Music Theatre†
      November 24—Minneapolis, MN—Skyway Theatre†
      November 25—San Diego, CA—Bassmnt
      December 15—Boulder, Co—Boulder Theater†
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      Security was a breeze; we were welcomed with friendly faces and were inside with a drink in hand, dancing to Mind Against in less than 10 minutes. The scale of Room One is incomprehensible when you are stood in the crowd. The long narrow expanse of the main room, with its overlooking mezzanine balconies supporting an extensive and jaw-dropping array of lights and lasers, is breathtaking. The gritty, industrial feel of this ex-newspaper printing factory is the perfect place for a party.

      Located just at the rear of the expanse of Room One, clubbers will find the slightly more intimate Room Two. It was in here that we caught energetic sets from Fort Romeau and Architectural and it’s where you’ll want to head if the scale of Room One triggers your agoraphobia.
      Daniel Avery delivered a monstrous set in the main room, drawing in the crowds and shaking the fabric of the building, setting things up for techno heavyweight Rødhåd to take over. Having missed various opportunities to catch this infamous Berliner play, we embedded ourselves deep within the crowd and soaked up the raw, industrial sounds that were so, so apt for this venue and reminded us of our time partying in the depths of Berlin’s Berghain. Not many DJ’s could successfully follow up and maintain the crowd’s focus, but then not every DJ is Maceo Plex. Plex took the helm for the last two hours and took us on a musical journey with a beautifully curated set of warm, ethereal and melancholic sounds, complemented with energetic and euphoric techno cuts. It was perfect and the crowd went wild.

      With LWE at the helm, it’s no surprise that the events lined up for Issue 002 are some of the hottest on the London clubbing calendar. The rest of the season will host revered nights such as The Hydra, Afterlife, Paradise and Bugged Out and the likes of Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, Âme, Bicep and Tale of Us will bring the 6,000 capacity venue to life
      The opening of Issue 002 certainly set the bar high for the rest of the season and we’ve no doubt that Printworks will deliver another stunning series of events and once again cement itself as London’s hottest new venue.
      Get your tickets for the rest of Issue 002 HERE.

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      Sydney’s clubs and pubs sure got a workout over the weekend — with Halloween festivities in full flight, there was no shortage of party spirit… or any lack of guys dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things for the second year running.
      Over at the Lansdowne, Budweiser presented a House of Horrors with a line-up to die for: Pow!Negro, AYWY and Mezko all played, turning the venue into a jam-packed, totally sweaty, extremely fun mess. If you were there, you’ll know what a good time it was — if you missed it, you can drive into all our photos from the night, care of shooters Jack Bennett and Mitch Ferris from Life Without Andy.

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